Lousy breakfast with Yorkshire commercial traveller. Walked 12 miles to outskirts of Birmingham, took bus to Bull Ring (very like Norwich Market) and arrived 1 pm. Lunch in Birmingham and bus to Stourbridge. Walked  4 – 5 miles to Clent Youth Hostel. Red soil everywhere. Birds courting a little, cock chaffinches and bullfinches very bright and cock partridge making a mating call. Except for village of Meriden, hardly a decent house between Coventry and Birmingham. West of Birmingham the usual villa-civilization creeping out over the hills. Raining all day, on and off.

Distance walked, 16 miles. Spent on conveyances, 1/4. On food, 2/3.

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One Response to 1.2.36

  1. Wigan. A rugby league town between Warrington and Preston and 20 miles from the sea. So how come a pier? Not a really a pier, more a canal towpath. And just off the M6 motorway (Britain’s first motorway despit the number). And reachable via Virgin Express on the London-Glasgow train line. Get off at Wigan.

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