Great excitement because a couple who stayed here for a month about Xmas have been arrested (at Preston) as coiners and it is believed they were making their false coins while here. The police inspector here for about an hour asking questions. Mrs F. tells of snooping round their room while they were out and finding a lump of something like solder under the mattress and some little pots like egg-cups only larger. Mrs F. agreed instantly to everything the police inspector suggested, and when he was upstairs searching the room I made two suggestions and she agreed to those too. I could see she had made up her mind they were guilty on hearing they were unmarried. When the inspector had written out her statement it came out that she could not read or write (except her signature), though her husband can read a little.

One of the canvassers’ beds is jammed across the foot of mine. Impossible to stretch my legs out straight as if I do so my feet are in the small of his back. It seems a long time since I slept between linen sheets. Twill sheets even at the M[eade]s. Theirs (the M.s’) was the only house I have been in since leaving London that did not smell.

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One Response to 16.2.36

  1. Max says:

    Didn’t emerge recently that EB/GO was being spied on by the police in Wigan? I wonder if the case of the Preston coiners was a cover for the police to cast a close eye over their ‘Communist’ suspect?

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